Agile Coaching

Agile Transformation Workshop – Bring your company up to date!

Would you like to drive agile transformation in your company and benefit from the latest methods and techniques? Our hands-on workshop provides you with everything you need to successfully implement agile principles and optimize your processes.

Agile metrics: Understanding and using Velocity, Burndown and DORA metrics for better planning and success measurement.
Test pyramid: Effective test strategies for high software quality.
Definition of Done (DoD): Clear criteria for completed work to ensure quality and consistency.
Team topologies and end-to-end teams: Optimal team structures for better collaboration and efficiency.
Requirements Engineering: Agile methods for clear and feasible requirements.

Your benefit:

In-depth understanding of agile principles and methods
Practical exercises and interactive workshops
Improved team communication and collaboration
Increased product quality and customer satisfaction
Optimized processes and working methods

Who is this workshop for?

Companies that want to introduce or improve agile methods
Teams who want to optimize the way they work
Managers who want to better understand and apply agile principles